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Interview With BFM Radio: Anwar Stuttered When Asked About His Sexual Orientation

Recently, a video was uploaded to YouTube regarding an interview held by BFM with Anwar Ibrahim on March 1, 2013, http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ctV1v_b9Lrw shows how hard it was for Anwar to find the right answer to a simple question,"what is your sexual orientation?"
Anwar clearly could not answer clearly whether he is a straight man, homosexual or bisexual. Instead, he went around the bushes, starting his story by saying that he was accused by UMNO and charged twice but there were no clear evidence to sentence him on both the charges. However, the fact is, in the first case, all three judges agreed that he was involved with sodomy but he cannot be sentenced because the victim could not remember the exact date when the incident happened.
Anwar then told that he is a husband and father of a happy family. This cannot be taken as an answer because in most cases, a homosexual has a normal family, to cover their dark side.
The host was clearly not satisfied with the answer given by Anwar, decided to ask for a concrete answer.
However, Anwar responded by saying that it is not relevant on the excuse that the issues was only raised thanks to UMNO's political propaganda. He added, the matter of one's sexual orientation is private and to charge someone on the matter, they would need to have concrete evidence, which in his case, there is none - as if.
Besides that, what is more interesting is when Anwar stressed that he do not want to discriminate LGBT. It seems, until the end, for more than two minutes waiting for the answer from such a simple question, the host still did not get a straight answer from Anwar.
However, Anwar finally admit that the question was hard to answer.
This is definitely weird because if we are to look at it, the questions which were raised are just regular questions, about the Lahad Datu intrusion, identity card issue in Sabah, NEP and homosexual issue. Not even one of those issues require any analysis, studies, numbers for facts because they were just general matters - at least that was how Anwar did it, answering questions in general without going into the details.
Basically, all of those issues are current issues where those who are involved in those issues, should not have any problem talking about it because they have in-depth knowledge about it.
Especially when the question was about his sexual orientation. Any normal Muslim man would be shocked having to answer such question because they would never practice such thing.
However, that is the fact which Anwar could not answer well and thought that they were tough questions even though during the early part of the interview he mentioned that he was a successful high school student and he managed to get into a university without even using the quota set by NEP.
Perhaps Anwar was right about his qualifications, but from what we know, that was back then, those who studied literature or Malay education such as Anwar, because they got bad grades on their HSC which does not allow them to take any other studies. In other words, they were the worst. Some of us do know that when he was in university, Anwar barely passed, after having to repeat a few papers.
Thus, it is not surprising if Anwar find those questions tough.
Question is, are Malaysians willing to accept someone who could not answer such easy questions, as their Prime Minister? Can he manage issues of the country well only by twisting his words? Are we, Muslims, ready to acknowledge a Prime Minister who is 'not sure' or 'do not like' the fact that Islamic teachings states that LGBT is a big sin and haram?

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