Selasa, 19 Mac 2013


Anwar Ibrahim is suing a blogger again for exhibiting photographs of someone who looked like him doing a homosexual act.
Again he denied it was him and the suit is, as always, for a RM100 million.
And of course as usual, Umno is blamed for the posting all die-hards PKR men echoed the same thing – Umno conspiracy through bloggers.
So now we know, it is no use posting such photos anymore because no one in PKR believes it and of course, the effect is nothing.
And Malaysians at large are also fed up with the episode as they know and acknowledged the person and photos but they have enough of that…they know nothing can be done about the person.
Thus, to Anwar and PKR, the photos or DVDs are nothing great, no effect.
They forgotten that to DAP and PAS, Anwar is nothing but a joker, no credibility and no respect for him and he, for anyone.
DAP especially has Anwar ‘by the balls’ as the saying goes, and that is why the party leaders wanted Anwar badly as Prime Minister, a Malay who they can manipulate and achieve what they want.
DAP just love such Malays because these are the Malays they can use to manipulate other Malays so that the party will be free of any accusation of abuse, but the Malays in the party who abuse other Malays.
DAP’s approach is very simple – do not hurt the Malays, let other Malays in the party hurt their own race – and in this case its Anwar and other Malays in DAP such as Aspan Alias and Sakmongkol and few others.
And DAP continue to take advantage of greedy and highly ambitious Malays who do not mind to be used and abused to manipulate other Malays so that the Malay population will hate their own race and do not matter about other race dictating.
Such is the tactic used by DAP and only Barisan Nasional can dislodge the agenda of the Chinese chauvinistic party.

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