Rabu, 20 Mac 2013


Let us talk about believing and not believing…this has nothing to do with religion or political philosophies…just believe or not to believe.
Die-hards Anwar Ibrahim followers…we no longer call them supporters because of their beliefs in him like a cult, yes…like Jim Jones…never waver even a second no matter what others may say or think about Anwar, believe Najib Tun Razak and wife were involved in the murder of Altantuya, on the take on scorpene deal and so many other issues they raised. 
All these allegations, without any photo evidence but just words and they believed totally, no one can shake this believe no matter what or how, they just believe.
Now when it is about Anwar, the sodomy and gay allegations, complete with video and photographs evidences, on top of that proven by experts in America, the most developed country that has all the technological know-how to detect fakes, followers of Anwar do not believe.
They said fakes, made up by superimpose and whatever …pose-pose…and that Anwar is innocent.
How they have set their minds to the extent that evidences of Anwar’s indecent acts are all made-up while allegations on Najib are all true even without a piece of evidence or proof.
And to some, Anwar’s act is personal that does not involved corruption…wow…the mindset they have about Anwar is exactly the mindset of occult followers, no more room for any other thoughts.
To them Anwar is like demi-god and whatever he says is the truth, no questions and no opposition, just believe, not even doubts.
So logic is already out of their minds and these followers are the ones that is now carrying Anwar’s name as the PM-in-waiting, regardless whether Anwar will be the stooge for chauvinistic Chinese DAP, the party that has all Anwar’s secrets safely kept.
And these secrets will be the weapon used if Anwar intends to break away from the party’s clutch or opposes what is being instructed.
In short, Anwar is at the mercy of DAP and Anwar’s followers will just follow because they believe in Anwar, they trust him and to them he is like God.
PAS, despite being in opposition, despite opposing BN and share same platform with PR, does not want Anwar and the party leaders have been open and straight about it.
They have no qualms telling the truth about not wanting Anwar, but hid the fact about Anwar being used by DAP, to make sure they do not rock the boat right now.
Given such scenario, it is best that we let Anwar make a fool of himself and let him fool his followers as we watch the ‘circus with all the clowns’ entertain us.
After all, Malaysians of all walks of life already know who Anwar is and what he is made of, we do not need to emphasise more because the more Anwar talk, the deeper Malaysians despise him.

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