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Scorpene: No Malaysians Are Being Subpoenaed – French Embassy

Scorpene:  No Malaysians Are Being Subpoenaed – French Embassy

SUARAM a.k.a the Opposition is doing a very good job in insulting the Malaysians’ intelligence by telling stupid and unending lies in their quest to tarnish the PM’s image and bring down the government. 

At first, they claimed that the PM had taken a bribe of EURO 114 million via a company named Perimekar but then it was confirmed that the payment was made to Perimekar for the maintenance, support and management services they provide including the lodging cost for 213 submarine officers, staff and crews for six years.  Therefore, should the EURO 114 million be paid to the PM as a bribe, Perimekar would have been providing services for free, which makes no sense at all. 

Then, SUARAM claimed that it was not EURO 114 million, but instead the PM sent a fax to DCNS asking for a bribe of USD 1 billion or RM3.8 billion or EURO 1.08 billion!   To claim that the PM had actually asked for a bribe via a fax can only mean one thing that is SUARAM is downright stupid to come out with the stupidest lie.

Then it turned out that the amount EURO 1.08 billion is actually a full amount of the contract of purchase of the submarines plus the support, maintenance and management services.  Therefore, should the total EURO 1.08 billion was paid directly to the PM as a bribe as alleged by SUARAM, then it would mean that Malaysia was given the submarines for free – which absolutely makes no sense at all too. 

In order to add ‘spice’ to the story, SUARAM claimed that the PM or ‘maybe’ the PM’s assistant, Abdul Razak Baginda had an affair with a Mongolian model, Altantuya Sharibuu, supposedly served as a translator in the submarines dealings who was then, blown up by the PM’s wife.   But then, it seemed that the dealings were done in English and no translator was needed.

And the PM’s wife at the time of the murder was attending a ‘buka puasa’ function with the orphanage with thousands of alibis to confirm her innocence.  The PM had never met Altantuya, and the badly superimpose photos of the PM and Altantuya together that was spread around by the Oppositions are evidence in itself that PM is telling the truth and that the Oppositions are in a very desperate situation. 

With all these lies now widely exposed, it is almost a pity that SUARAM has to continue lying. 

Just recently, SUARAM made another statement saying “a right hand man of defense analyst Abdul Razak Baginda, Jasbir Singh Chahl, is the first Malaysian to be subpoenaed as witness in the Scorpene case hearing currently underway in France.”

And yet, the French Embassy in Kuala Lumpur when asked about this is surprised that they have not heard or informed about any subpoena.  According to the Embassy, procedures stated that the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be informed about any subpoenas served by the French court to the citizens of other countries, and in this case, Malaysia.  

The Ministry will then inform Wisma Putra accordingly, in order for action to be taken.  No subpoenas can be served directly to any citizen of this country without any of these parties knowing.

Now that none of these parties ever heard of any subpoenas, it is clear that SUARAM has been lying again, right to our faces. 

We can see the desperation in the oppositions is getting out of control as the election draws nearer.  So, be sure that the lies will only get bigger and spicier. 

For the Malaysians, let’s just sit tight, wait and see how big can it get.  Do not worry because as long as the PM is doing a fine job in taking care of us and the country, SUARAM a.k.a the Oppositions can lie all they want but they can be sure that the rakyat will never vote for liars who are continuously insulting our intelligence.

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